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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sixers on Bynum’s Knees: No Worries, So Relax

          Worried about Andrew Bynum’s knees? Yeah, well, don’t be. At least that seemed to be the message from Sixers CEO Adam Aron late last night or early this morning on Twitter. (I saw it in the 8 AM hour and Twitter only indicated that the series of tweets were posted 8 hours prior.)

          In a series of tweets labeled “BYNUM KNEE UPDATE [I-V]” Aron said, “1. Did not have surgery in Germany, had injections. 2. Will not have surgery next week, routine injection every year 3. While conditioning in Sept, unrelated to German procedure, he got a bone bruise which we transparently announced. 4. If all goes to plan, he’s back Oct 24. But we won’t know how the knee feels for sure until, no surprise, Oct 24. 5. From there, he has to get into game shape. That is everything Sixers know. The rest of the loose talk is guessing.”

          He added, “If Twitter did not limit to 140 characters, could do this in one communication not six, but know you want the facts. So, relax everybody. We have ourselves a great talent in Andrew Bynum. Going to be very exciting to watch him play.”

          Normally, I don’t even attempt anything resembling reporting on the Ink anymore – the only difference between me and other bloggers in that area is that I admit it – but I just couldn’t resist posting this message. You just have to love a CEO getting on Twitter, which Aron does regularly to communicate with fans, telling everybody to chill.

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