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Monday, September 24, 2012

Why do you keep rooting for the Eagles? Do you read picks against the spread?

          I have two genuine questions for Eagles / football fans who read this blog.

1)    Predictably, I’ve been ripped for declaring myself a Steelers fan. I get it. That’s fine. It’s a little boring when guys want to rip me for it on Facebook when they don’t bother reading the posts, especially when I have so few commenters. Regardless of that (if it’s possible), I’m curious how people can continue to say the same thing year after year and call themselves fans? I’ve been hearing it all morning on WIP. Andy Reid has to run more. Andy can’t adjust. Mike Vick has to stop turning the ball over. None of that is ever going to happen. Yes, the Eagles will have some big wins this season. But you know the ending as well as I do. They won’t win when it counts. It’s not just a week, or a season, or even an era. I did it for 40 years, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Why do you? I won’t rip anyone that offers a real answer. Part of why I’m asking is I’m bored saying the same thing over and over about the Eagles, and hearing some feedback might be helpful.

2)    Does anyone actually care about my picks? Today I checked out and saw that Al DeMarco lost a “30 dime” pick that he sold. I would never sell a pick because I think it’s stupid to buy picks. I just try to have some fun, and I still feel terrible when I do poorly on picks I post. I’m not delusional enough to think people bet based on my picks. I don’t get much feedback, and never get any on my picks. I’m really just curious as I debate whether or not to continue the picks . . . are there any opinions?


          After almost 8 years of doing the sports blog the low number of hits and comments is making me question whether or not I should keep it going. For a while advertisements were coming in and I thought I could get tied into some of the bigger sites. The ads went back to wherever they came from and hits are still at a low level. So, your feedback, or even suggestions would be very welcome.

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