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Friday, September 21, 2012

Rough Picks Streak Continues

          I continued my horrible streak with a 1-3 week for -190.71 points. I also lost my survivor/eliminator pick with the Patriots, so I won’t be making any more of those this season. Here’s the run down:

          MNF Pick: Denver +130 over Atlanta for -100pts

          NFL Pick: Ravens +110 (money line) over Eagles for -100pts

          College football pick: Alabama -20 over Arkansas for +19.05pts

          College Football Parlay Pick: Michigan St -5.5 & USC -9 for -5pts

          I’m not sure what, if anything, I’ll do this week or beyond. I feel more stressed losing picks I’ve posted than I do otherwise. For the record, I’m 331-332-10 for -199.75 points all-time, so it’s been mediocre up until these last two weeks of getting back into it. Even with this stretch, it should be remembered that I started doing this 8 years ago for entertainment only. It’s a little frustrating to see other guys boast about “10,000 star” plays that they never would have actually played at that level and ignore all the times they’ve lost big picks. If anything, one pick below .500 after 673 official picks shows that this better be for entertainment only. That said, it’s been a bad stretch and I need to regroup.

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