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Friday, September 7, 2012

NFL Week 1 / College Picks Preview; Survivor Pick; Review of Last Week’s Picks

          Sometimes the best picks are the ones you don’t make – but sometimes they’re the worst. That was the case for me this past week when I left Alabama -13.5 over Michigan alone. I capped off the week (even though the game was considered Week 1 of the NFL) with a loss on the Giants -4 over the Cowboys for -15 points.

          So far not a whole lot is jumping out at me for the weekend. I actually like the Eagles a little bit but the number is climbing a little.

          The one pick I will make right now is the Houston Texans over the Miami Dolphins as a survivor pool / eliminator challenge pick. I’m absolutely going with the crowd on this one. Houston is a very popular pick, favored by 13, and has an over/under number for wins this season of 10. I mention that as a barometer, I am hoping anyway, of how good they are entering the season. Currently, I’m on ESPN with aprofile for the Ink and, because it’s a Philly sports blog, I joined the group Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles. You’re warned – I’ve only made it out of September once in this type of pool.

          More season predictions are coming later today.

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