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Sunday, September 23, 2012

NFL is Utterly Unwatchable

          This was the worst weekend of watching the NFL that I can remember in years. The Eagles were the biggest fraud 2-0 team I ever saw. The Steelers defense just made Oakland look like the 49ers offense of the Joe Montana / Steve Young era. San Diego was 2-0 and scored 3 points against the Falcons at home. New Orleans has apparently taken the year off, and blaming Roger Goodell is justified but doesn’t change anything. The games go on forever.

          Yes, my picks sucked – 1-5 for -91.45. I will not be posting any more picks for the foreseeable future.

          If you want to blame my tirade on that, fine. I’ve been horrible.

          If anyone wants to correct me, and tell me what was exciting about the NFL this season, please feel free. I think the Thursday games being on all season coupled with the replacement referees has helped the NFL reached its tipping point.

          Did you enjoy watching the Dolphins and the Jets play extra football? How about Tony Romo, who no one would know if he didn’t play “quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys” (as in the glorified version versus the actual one who isn’t worth hating) throwing for more than 250 yards and zero TDs at home versus the Bucs in a 16-10 win? The Browns versus Bills must have been thrilling.

          And here in Philly, we get to hear Andy Reid take the blame for the Eagles getting slapped around by Arizona, a team lead by the quarterback they discarded. But not to worry, Jeff Lurie will never blame him.

          There’s got to be something better to write about than this . . .


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