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Monday, September 10, 2012

Eagles Edge Browns

          Does beating Cleveland by 1 count in the better than 8-8 record that so many are convinced Andy Reid needs to keep his job this season?

          The Eagles displayed their typical unpreparedness for opening day under the head coach. The only difference was that they were playing a Browns team that is relying on a rookie quarterback and rookie running back to propel their offense.

          That offense failed to take advantage of 3 Mike Vick interceptions, and managed only three field goals all day. The Cleveland defense took care of Vick’s other pick on the day – that’s 4 on the day – by taking it in the end zone themselves.

          Vick did manage 2 passing touchdowns to guys in the green jerseys, and 300+ passing yards against a solid defense. He also engineered the winning drive, throwing a touchdown with just over a minute to play for the 17-16 win.

          The Eagles “D” had 4 interceptions of its own and kept the rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden to 12-35 passing for 118 yards. The Browns only rushed for 99 yards.

          LeSean McCoy rushed for 110 yards, a good chunk of which came when the Eagles were down. Oh, that kooky Eagles play calling.

          A win is a win, and that’s the only thing that differentiates yesterday’s ugly opener from many under Reid.

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