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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Commenting Crybabies

          I’ve always said comments are not only welcomed on the blog, they are encouraged. But lately my sports posts and tweets have garnered some of the dumbest and whiniest responses I’ve received since I started blogging about Philadelphia sports almost eight years ago.

          While tweeting during the Eagles preseason game last week, I noted how quickly the Birds had gotten sloppy at one point in the game. It seemed like there was a penalty on every play. I later noticed a non-follower, @thenextdawkins, tweeted me a reply saying, “@robqblogs #EaglesMobile #eagles since when? We start sloppy and improve. How many 4th quarter comebacks does Vick have?” His profile picture makes him look to be about 12, so I tried to help him out by explaining that Mike Vick wasn’t actually playing due to injury, nor would he be playing in the fourth quarter of any preseason game regardless of injury. (I didn’t bother attempting to explain that comebacks in preseason aren’t really the point.) I got another reply, “@robqblogs as I had previously said, #nickfoles will be our guy.”

          Uhm, okaaaay.

          Youth doesn’t always explain stupidity. Another guy who I happen to know is about my age has badgered me for months on Facebook because I declared myself a Steelers fan. I expect some heckling, but when the guy just started whining about it off-topic on many posts I decided to engage the genius. It got about as stupid as might be expected trying to debate a South Philly Eagles fan on the logic of not rooting for a franchise that simply has no clue how to win a championship despite being born in their geographic area. (So dumb, I deleted the back and forth.) My favorite part was when he asked questions that were already answered in the post on the subject that has been in the sidebar of this page since January that he insisted he read.

          Needless to say I’m rethinking my statement in the post about commenting on this blog that “I enjoy going back and forth with other sports fans.” Not really, but I’m tired of the bozos who want to yap and then cry when something comes back in their direction. So maybe I just need a “Shut up! Ya Crybaby!” logo linking to the below sound effect as my response to some commenters:

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