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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Slow Start with Playoff Picks

          I got off to a slow start with the NBA playoffs in terms of picks. With the series parlay picks still pending – and, thanks to the typically absurd scheduling of the first round, they could still be pending at this time next week – I went just 0-2 for -20 points on parlay picks last weekend.

          On Saturday, the Pacers cost me what I thought was an easy money line parlay pick with the Bulls -520, Heat -500, Pacers -600, and Thunder -380, for -5 points. On Sunday I was a little more aggressive, and the Celtics cost me a pick of the Lakers -4.5 and Celtics +1.5 for -15 points.

          Suddenly, the Bulls are my biggest concern with the series parlay picks after the Derrick Rose injury. With my points that I can lose without feeling any loss all pending, I won’t have any more picks until at least the second round – let’s hope that starts before Memorial Day.

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