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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Split of Tournament Picks Increases Overall Winning Total

          Thursdays had been the day I would update how my picks did from the previous week. With the NCAA Tournament wrapping up on Monday, baseball getting started today (or was it last night? or last week? or tomorrow?), and the NBA playoffs right around the corner, I thought I’d post a quick status report. I’m not like Joe Younes on 97.5 and some others (Tony Bruno) who scream about big winners . . . and just sort of ignore when they get crushed.

          Despite a pretty weak bracket, I came out ahead on actual picks in the Tournament going 1-1 for +75 points. Missouri torpedoed my pool and my prop pick (along with Duke) that no 16, 15, or 14, would win a game in the real opening round for -50 points. But my 50-point pick on Kentucky to win it all at +250 brought in +125 points.

          Readers who follow this blog may remember that I took a break from making picks in early January. Since my last update on December 22, here’s how my picks went:

December 22 - December 28

NFL 1-3 for +3.81    (the points total includes 130 from half of an NFL/college parlay counted as 1-0 in College)

College Football       1-0 for +130.00

December 29 - December 31 (Sat)

College Football 1-2 for -36.82

January 1 (Sun) - January 4 (Wed) 2012

NFL 1-2 for -10.91

College Football 0-2 for -30

Here are all of the picks from that period, which were posted on Twitter:

December 24

NFL Pick: Chargers +110 (money line) over the Lions for 100pts to win 110 L

NFL Pick: Eagles +1.5 over the Cowboys for 25pts to win 23.81 W

NFL Pick: Jets -3 (even) over the Giants for 25pts to win 25 L

NFL Pick: Broncos -3 over the Bills for 25pts to win 23.81 L

December 26

Parlay: Missouri -4.5 & Saints -7, 100pts to win 260 W

December 29

College Parlay: Notre Dame +160 (money line) & Baylor -10, 50pts to win 198.18 L

December 31

College Pick: CincinnatiU +1.5 over Vanderbilt, 20pts to win 18.18 W

College Parlay: CincinnatiU +1.5, UCLA +3, Utah +1.5, Virginia +3, 5pts to win 50 L

January 1

NFL Picks: Saints -7 over Panthers W, SF -12.5 over Rams L, Steelers -7 over Browns L, each 10pts to win 9.09

January 2

College picks: Wisconsin +4.5 over Oregon L, OklahomaSt -4 over Stanford L, each 15pts to win 13.64

Below are my are the overall records . . .

for the 2011-12 Football season:

Overall 42-41 for +48.45

NFL 28-26 for -13.13

College Football 14-15 for +61.58

for ALL sports in 2011: 47-32-3 for +111.08

All-time as of this post: 330-319-10 for +218.07

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