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Friday, December 2, 2011

Nightmare in Seattle; Eagles Embarrassing Season Continues

          The Eagles nightmare season continued with a drubbing by the Seattle Seahawks, 31-14, a team that was also 4-7 entering last night’s game.

          I’m done getting into the specifics of games because it’s completely irrelevant at this point. DeSean Jackson looked like he quit last night, and listening to Andy Reid sound like a jackass defending him this afternoon was sickening. He actually blamed the NFL Network for making it look like the receiver quit as if it was an illusion. Then I heard a clip of Jackson getting testy with reporters saying he wouldn’t answer questions about not preparing before the game.

          It’s bad enough this team sucks, but for these morons to get arrogant at this point is as absurd as their play. Jackson looks like he might be done. He’s flat out scared.

          Vince Young looks like he’s 45 years old. He’s pathetic, and he sounded even more stupid than Reid after the game. Reid added to his arrogance by suggesting Young’s first interception was Reid’s fault with his pat answer of putting players in a better position. It’s just mind boggling.

          The defense was as bad as it’s been all season. They were hammered by Mershawn Lynch on an offense that is otherwise terrible. Yet, Juan Castillo still has a freakin’ job.

          Last night was almost surreal for Eagles fans as everything most of us have been saying for years was playing out right in front of a national cable audience, and the same national media that continues to kiss Reid’s butt interviewed Donovan McNabb. The man was waived by the Minnesota Vikings, and the NFL Network treated him like an All-Pro quarterback who had all the options in the world in front of him. He’s now been jettisoned by two teams, not counting the Eagles, and this was a guy we were ridiculed for not “appreciating” enough.

          It’s been the same thing with Andy Reid. This guy is barely above .500 since the Super Bowl appearance that McNabb literally choked up, but Philadelphia fans are criticized for ripping him. His own defensive coach, Jim Washburn – brought in to prop up the idiotic hiring of Castillo – is sick of the offensive game plan. His players have quit, and that’s probably the best scenario, because if they really were playing hard they’re worse than they look. By the way, this is the second time Reid has failed to handle a temperamental wide receiver.

          This morning the tide seems to be changing. Reid is finally getting some national heat, and if they’re any fans still thinking he’s a good coach they’re at least staying off the radio. The remaining Reid supporters may be too stupid to dial a phone.

          It’s very old news, but the Eagles must fire Andy Reid to move forward. His firing will be the next relevant thing this organization does. I’m not saying it’s a pending move. My fear is it won’t happen unless we see four more weeks of the drek we watched last night, which is possible. I’m saying nothing else the Eagles do matters until Reid is gone.

          The Dream is 4-8.

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