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Monday, December 5, 2011

Loser Mentality Being Used to Support Reid

          Driving around this weekend I literally had to turn sports talk radio off because I just couldn’t take the stupidity coming from people who are still supporting Andy Reid.

          I can’t believe these people still exist, let alone the completely asinine arguments they use to support this coach. I hate when guys like Tony Bruno and Mike Missanelli do their mocking voice as they repeat what they deem stupid comments from their callers, but I’d absolutely be doing it with these arguments.

          Andy Reid is the best coach in franchise history. We could do a lot worse than Andy Reid.

          Really? That’s what you idiots got?

          Last time I checked Eagles franchise history has absolutely SUCKED. The Eagles have never won a damn Super Bowl. Not one. Who gives a damn that Andy Reid is the best coach in Eagles history? It means absolutely nothing. It’s a completely nonsense statement.

          The second statement is worse. “We might do worse” is such a pathetic, loser mentality that it’s hard to imagine a more perfect example of a defeatist mentality.

          Reid has failed for 13 years. Period. End of story.

          It’s bad enough Jeff Lurie obviously doesn’t comprehend that it’s all about winning the damn Super Bowl, but hearing fans with the same mentality is just sad. Why is the assumption that it could get worse? And, by the way, how much worse can it get?

          This season was over before Thanksgiving! Except for one fluke season where Jeff Garcia came out of nowhere to rescue the season – which Reid ended with a punt! – the Eagles haven’t sniffed a Super Bowl since the ’04 season. They’re practically a .500 team since then.

          This franchise is clueless. Reports are that firing Juan Castillo is all Reid has to do to keep his job, which is just one more stupid move in a line of them from this ownership. The latest idea from butt-munches in the media like Howard Eskin pushing the idea that the Eagles are stuck with Mike Vick next year, so Reid has to stay because he is the only coach who can handle Vick. I don’t even know how that makes sense. Vick has regressed this year.

          But I expected more out of fans. Philadelphia fans get a lot of bum wraps from a national media that doesn’t pay attention to local issues. But those who want to support Andy Reid at this point are absolute drones buying into the company line.

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