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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winning Streak Ends with a Thud

          My seven week winning streak ended with a thud when my biggest pick of the football season was a loser on Sunday. For the week, I went 1-2, but as I say when I win or lose, it’s really about the points. I was -101.19 with points on the week.

          The weekend started poorly with Alabama -4.5 losing outright in overtime to LSU in a field goal contest for -25 points. It was actually my biggest pick of the college season.

          I bounced back momentarily on Sunday when the Packers held on to cover -6 over the Chargers for +23.81 points. But the Steelers -3.5 lowered the boom when they let Joe Flacco and the Ravens drive 90+ yards in the final 2+ minutes to win the game for -100 points.

          It’s easy to say the two losers were just bad picks, but I think I just got beat. It happens. Obviously, the amounts make it worse, but I was playing with “their points” at least in terms of my football picks, and I’m still +52.63 in football this season.

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