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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

“Fire Andy” Chant Needs to Grow

          Not once, but twice, I heard John Clayton of ESPN yesterday essentially blow off the idea that Andy Reid might be fired at the end of the season. It’s absolutely mind boggling how the national media continues to kiss his rather large rear end. Hopefully, it’s just another example of the national “insiders” sticking to the script of “Andy Reid good, Philadelphia fans bad.” But my fear is that the only thing that might actually get Jeff Lurie to think about firing Reid is a change in the reputation of his coach with the national media.

          Luckily, the fans still have a voice. The “Fire Andy” chant was heard at the Linc on Sunday. While the broadcast ignored it, the Ink isn’t about to. Congratulations to the fans. Keep it comin’ Week 15 at the Jets game.

(Originally posted by nhubawork.)

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