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Monday, November 28, 2011

Eagles Carved Up

          Writing about yesterday’s Eagles debacle as the first productive thing I’m even attempting to do after a long Thanksgiving weekend will probably be as ugly as watching it as a fan. Outclassed by the New England Patriots, 38-20 in a game that really wasn’t even that close, the Eagles are falling apart even more than expected.

          Reports are out that Marty Mornhinweg and Jim Washburn had to be separated on the sideline after Washburn started criticizing the offensive play calling. DeSean Jackson turned into Ricky Watters, short-arming a ball in the endzone. He dropped another sure touchdown, and was eventually benched.

          The home crowd even offered up a “Fire Andy” chant.

          The Eagles defense was actually handed a 10-0 lead in this game, and never looked like it had any real hope of keeping it. Andy Reid was asked yet again about his absurd hiring of Juan Castillo, and, according to a Facebook post I saw, he said, “You didn’t ask me that last week. If we have bad game, I guess you feel comfortable asking.”

          He actually has a point, but certainly not the one he thinks. The question should be asked on a daily basis.

          Another person suggested Reid sounded like a man who knew it was over for him in Philadelphia. Vai Sikahema said on NBC10 late last night that it just felt like the end for Reid, saying it was similar to when Ray Rhodes was fired.

          I wished I shared what I consider their optimism for the future of the Eagles. Reid’s firing is the only thing that will get me excited about this team again, but until it actually happens I won’t be convinced it’s going to be a reality.

          Remember, the Eagles organization knows better than anyone regardless of the amount of evidence based in reality that anyone can point out. Just ask them.

          Ironically, yesterday’s drubbing is probably the most excusable of the disasters this season. Mike Vick and Jeremy Maclin were out, and the Patriots are one of the best teams in the league. Organizations with actual defensive coordinators are not able to stop them. There was really no reason to think the Eagles would do it.

          Did that sound weak? I agree. But if the Eagles keep Reid, just wait until we hear their justifications. And they’ll actually be serious.

          The Dream is 4-7.

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Limbauan Jeffrey said...

Good to see eagles are in their good time of winning again. Despite of hardship, they have now the quality of being champion.

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