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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Biggest Pick of the Year Carries Seventh Straight Winning Week

          It was the most frustrating weeks of picks since the beginning of the football season, and I still ended up with +19.50 points despite going 1-3. Winning my biggest football pick of the year obviously carried me through the week.

          The end of the World Series got things off to a bad start as Texas blew a 3-2 series lead to lose it for -15.50 points (I included the .50 just to make it easier as they were -155). I think the worst part for me, besides watching the Rangers get the Cardinals to their last strike twice in Game 6 and blowing it, was that I stayed away from Game 7 not wanting to go directly against my series pick. I really didn’t think the Rangers could recover after the emotional loss the night before, but it seemed stupid to essentially force a push by picking St. Louis in the final game. Besides the obvious result, I’m still not sure if it makes sense in general to bail on a series like that. Regardless, I lost.

          To wrap up the World Series and baseball season, I finished 3-2 for -6.37 points in the Series including individual games, 7-5 for +2.01 points for the MLB playoffs (including the Series), and a rather boring 37-35 for -7.50 points overall in baseball. All-time in baseball I’m 42-44 for -77.99 points.

          As you can see losing big picks can also carry a section of picks, so I’m not just saying it this week because it benefited me. The -77.99 points in baseball is largely from a pick of 50 points on the Yankees to win the Series in 2010 when it looked like they were going to get Cliff Lee.

          Things continued downhill for the week on Saturday when I lost my college pick for the first time in five weeks. Clemson lost as a -3.5 favorite to Georgia Tech for -15 points.

          Then came Sunday, and everything turned on one pick. I took the Steelers as an underdog at +120 on the money line to win against the Patriots for 50 points – my biggest pick since June. Their win was good for +60 points. By the way, I posted this pick on Friday afternoon before the World Series concluded and the Clemson loss. This was not some bogus big pick just to try to win the week.

          Unfortunately, my first Monday night pick of the year, the Chargers -3 over Chiefs, was a 10 point loser. I know whining about losers is stupid, but it was ridiculous how many times San Diego kept Kansas City in the game and ultimately gave it away. And I have to admit that once again the pick I didn’t make was just as good as the old I won this week. Let’s just say I still can’t believe the Eagles beat Dallas. I finished 1-1 in the NFL for the second straight week, but this time it was good for +50 points and my seventh straight winning week overall.

          In the last seven weeks my picks have been good for +164.26 points, chopping the deficit created by my terrible NBA playoff run by almost exactly half. For the year, I’m now at -162.43 points. All-time picks on the blog stand at +248.44 points.

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