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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

0-2 Week

          It’s been a tough stretch after seven straight winning weeks. This week I went 0-2 after Dallas -7.5 over the Redskins wiped out the remainder of the “If pick,” which I would have split anyway with Chicago and the double-down, so to speak, on the Giants -5.5 over the Eagles. “If picks” work just as they sound like they would; if the first pick wins, the next pick in line becomes active. Once a pick loses, everything left is cancelled. The benefits and pitfalls should be obvious. The stand alone Giants pick capped the week with another loss. Each pick was for 20 points.

              With Thanksgiving coming up, I wanted to make sure I did this post. I didn’t want to be accused of ducking anything. Next week, however, if I have picks to recap, the post may be delayed from the usual Thursday post due to other obligations.

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