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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Six Straight Winning Weeks of Picks

          My longest streak of winning weeks on the “Ink” has now reached six. In that span, since Week 2 of the NFL season, I’ve gone 27-13 for +144.76 points. It’s not a huge total, and the last couple of weeks have been moderate successes, but I’ll take six straight winning weeks any time.

          Of course, no one gets this far without some luck. I have to admit that I was extremely interested in the Monday night NFL game heading into last weekend with the Ravens -7.5 against Jacksonville. I had every intention of making a pretty large pick on Baltimore, and almost made it on Friday to take advantage of the “half juice” at the place where I check to get the spreads, odds, and what a pick of X points wins. But when the spread climbed to -10.5 points by Monday, I just couldn’t touch it. That same night I also left the World Series game alone. I kind of liked the Cardinals, but I have the Rangers in a series pick. Obviously, with the series tied at 2-2, Game 5 seemed pivotal – though with the rain out last night that’s still debatable – so I didn’t want to go against my series pick again. Of course, it turned out that both games would have been losers for me.

          For the week, I was 4-2 for +18.54 points. It’s very surprising to me that college football is carrying this streak by far over the NFL and the MLB playoffs because I’ve never been a big fan. I’ve gotten into it more and more in the last couple years, but I pretty much have to stick to the “big” schools to know what I’m talking about. Yet, for the fifth straight week I won my one pick for 15 points to win 14.29. On Saturday, LSU -20.5 over Auburn was my winner.

          On Sunday, the “juice” gave me a marginal loss for the second straight week in the NFL with points in a 1-1 week for -0.71 points. The Packers couldn’t cover -9.5 over the Vikings for -15 points. The Steelers, the team I should have pounded, got me the split for +14.29 points by easily covering -4 over the Arizona Cardinals.

          Finally, I started the World Series strong with a win in Games 1 and 2. I actually went against my series pick in the opener with the Cardinals (Carpenter) at -120 over the Rangers (Wilson) for 5 points to win +4.17, and followed that up with the Rangers (Lewis) at -112 over the Cardinals (Garcia) for 5 points to win +4.46 points. In Game 3, I really thought the Texas bats would get all over Kyle Lohse, but the Rangers (Harrison) -1.5 (+105) over the Cardinals (Lohse) gave back 5 points. So, once again, baseball wasn’t all that productive at 2-1 for +4.96 points.

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