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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fourth Straight Winning Week of Picks

          I had my fourth straight winning week of picks with the highest point total of the stretch as I posted a 6-3 record for +33.14 points. I feel like I’m chipping away at a mountain with a sledge hammer, but I’m trying to get rid of the deficit left by the NBA playoffs.

          I did well with the two picks I posted Friday night, winning with Oklahoma -10.5 over Texas on Saturday and the Packers -6.5 over the Falcons on Sunday night. Each was a 15-point pick good for +14.29. It was the third week in a row that I won my only college football pick of the week, and they’ve all been 15-pointers. I’m now 7-4 for +48.90 in college football.

          I kind of liked the Packers a lot on Sunday and wanted to add to the pick, but I wasn’t confident enough to do it without trying to build up the point total on other games. That strategy didn’t work out as I split four 10-point picks: Chargers -3.5 over the Broncos for +9.09, Giants -10 over the Seahawks for -10, Saints -6.5 over Carolina -10, and Patriots -7.5 over the Jets for +9.09. For the week, I still ended up on the positive side at 3-2 for +12.47 points. For the season, I’m 10-7 for +43.01 points.

          As the already noted, in baseball I split the two League Division Series picks, winning with the Tigers +130 over the Yankees for +13 points and losing with the parlay of the Rangers -165, Brewers -160, and Phillies -300, for -10. Going 3-1 with the series winners for just +3 points made the Phillies loss a little more brutal. Last night I won the only baseball game pick on the Cardinals (Carpenter) -148 over the Brewers (Gallardo) for 5 points to win +3.38. I finished the week in baseball 2-1 for +6.38. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll split the NLCS and ALCS as well. I’m standing at 33-32 for -3.13 points for the season – talk about kissin’ your sister.

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