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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Five Straight Winning Weeks Against the Spread

          It wasn’t the “big” week I was looking for with my picks, but it’s hard to complain about a fifth straight winning week. I lost my biggest pick of the week, actually losing in the NFL with points thanks to the “juice,” but hit my fourth straight 15-point pick in college football. Throwing in the MLB playoffs, I went 5-2 for +19.50 points on the week.

          On Saturday, LSU -17.5 over Tennessee was a winner. As I mentioned, it’s the fourth straight week that I’ve had just one pick in college football, and each was for 15 points to win +14.29.

          On Sunday, the Patriots -6.5 versus the Cowboys took down my NFL winning streak as New England didn’t cover for -20 points. I saw the game at -7 all week, and when it dropped under a touchdown I bit. It was just a bad call. I expected a shoot out, and Dallas’ defense was better than I thought. I finished 2-1 for -0.96 after winning with the Ravens -8 over the Texans and the Falcons -4 over the Panthers, each as a 10-point pick for +9.52.

          My baseball picks continued to essentially break even. I split the League Championship Series, losing with the Tigers +110 over the Rangers and winning with St. Louis +120 over Milwaukee each for 10 points to finish with +2 points. I actually went 2-1 for +6.17 points, winning my pick last night on Game 1 of the World Series on the Cardinals for +4.17. Obviously, my Series pick on Texas is still pending.

          Most of the guys trying to sell you picks on the internet would be screaming into a video camera about how incredibly they’ve been with this type of run. They wouldn’t even say that they lost in the NFL at 2-1 even though they ended up with negative points. As I’ve always said, my picks are really just to have a little fun. If you enjoy the picks, follow me on Twitter or Facebook for tonight’s pick on Game 2 and more throughout the week.

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