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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Winning Week of Picks

I finally had a decent week of picks, going 6-3 for +26.19 points. The winning week puts me in the black for the season in both college and NFL football. I’m now at 4-3 for +11.73 points in the NFL and 4-4 for +6.03 points. The NBA playoffs and Finals are still weighing down the point total for the year, which is -300.50. I’m at +161.76 without the disastrous spring.

On Thursday night LSU -3.5 over Mississippi State for +9.09 points got things off to a good start. Then Penn State couldn’t cover a -7 spread against Temple and Auburn +3.5 was blown out by Clemson. Later in the day Notre Dame -5 was good for +9.09 and Oklahoma -3 over FSU capped things off for +8.33 points.

Sunday started with a split as the Ravens -6 lost outright to the Titans for -10 points and the Saints -5.5 over Chicago was a winner for +9.09 points. I capped off the week with two straight wins as the Patriots covered -6.5 over the Chargers for +9.09 points and the Falcons +115 on the money line came through against the Eagles with a little luck for +11.50 points.

As I’ve said before, if I pick an underdog to win outright, I actually pick it that way. I don’t scream about the team winning “outright” and claim a win if they merely cover.

I don’t have a feel for tonight’s college game, so see Facebook and Twitter for all of my picks this weekend. At least by next weekend I might put baseball back in the mix as the playoffs finally get started.

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