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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Second Straight Winning Week

          My second straight winning week with picks was actually a little disappointing. I had won my biggest two picks of the week, and felt very comfortable with the other games I had made picks on. Unfortunately, a collapse by New England and Indianapolis finally deciding to show up cost me a pretty big week. I still went 3-2 for +18.10 points, which puts me at 11-9 for +35.86 for the football season. I’m still climbing out of the overall crater-like hole I created in the NBA playoffs.

          I kept things simple in college football with just one pick on Saturday. Alabama kept it interesting but eventually covered -11 against Arkansas on a 15-point pick for +14.29 points. For the college season, my picks are 5-4 for +20.32 points.

          I took a split on Sunday, but luckily my 15-point pick on the Ravens -4 over the Rams was good for +14.29 points. The Packers -3.5 over the Bears was also a winner as a 10-point pick. But the Patriots defense reared its ugly head in Buffalo to cost them not only the cover of a -7.5 spread but the victory. The Steelers eked out a win versus the Colts, but couldn’t cover the -10.5. Each was a 10-point pick. I usually stay away from point spreads of more than 7 or 7.5 in the NFL, but the Colts were so inept in the first two weeks it seemed like a safe line.

          For the season in the NFL, my picks are 6-5 for +15.54 points.

          I don’t love much at the moment in the NFL, and I may just have one pick again in college football. I like the Phillies, Yankees, Rangers, and maybe the Diamondbacks, in the MLB playoffs, but as I type I haven’t seen the series odds. I’m guessing the odds in the first three series will be too high to make it worthwhile to pick them, but I’ll be looking at individual games. Follow me of Facebook or Twitter for picks this weekend and throughout the playoffs.

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