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Friday, September 16, 2011

Rapid Fire Week-in-Review: Phils Clinch, Palestra’s Soul in Jeopardy, Bruschi, more

It’s time for another Rapid Fire Week-in-Review:

  • The Phillies are so good that they clinched a playoff spot this week and it was barely a blip on the sports radar.
  • That said, the Phils scored 5 runs one time this week, and otherwise didn’t score more than 3 runs in the last seven days. Granted, there’s little to play for until October, so maybe they’re bored. But I’m just a little concerned about the offense.
  • The soul of the Palestra may die on September 25, when LeBron James will be allowed to host a game of NBA All-Stars. The event was just announced.
  • Donovan McNabb’s first pass as a Minnesota Viking set up a touchdown . . . for the San Diego Chargers. If he fails in enough cities, maybe the national media will finally get that he’s just not that good.
  • Even ESPN couldn’t manage to make a big deal out of Tim Wakefield winning his 200th game. It was his first win since July 24, and he’s in his 18th season. That’s just over 11 wins a season on average.
  • Someone needs to remind Tedy Bruschi that he’s retired. He chastised Chad Johnson for tweeting about how incredible Tom Brady was last week, babbling about how Johnson needs to study his playbook more. That’s something a teammate says, not an analyst. I’m sick to death of idiot analysts trying to prove they’re still tough guys from the studio. These guys should offer some actual insight instead of getting off on reliving a locker room rant they would have given if they could still play.
  • I recently tried to watch a game on or whatever it’s called now. It was awful. I couldn’t just sit and watch it on the computer. I had to incessantly click something to prove I was still watching. I just wanted to watch the damn game.

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