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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kicking Off Picks for Week #2 of Football

It hasn’t been the best start to the football season with my picks, but little damage has been done because I’ve taken it slow to get a feel for the teams this season. I saw two known handicappers offer big picks on the Steelers last week and lose the game as easily as I did. The difference is I kept it as a pick just above my minimum. Why anyone offered big picks in Week #1 of the NFL season is beyond me.

Overall, I was 2-3 for -3.43 points. I actually started on the right foot with the Packers -4 .5 over the Saints for 5 points to win 4.55. I followed that with Alabama -10 over Penn State for 10 points to win 9.52. Notre Dame choked away the college sweep against Michigan as a 3-point favorite for -5 points. And Sunday had little suspense as the Steelers (even) were crushed by the Ravens for -7.50 points and the Falcons at -2 may not have shown up yet in Chicago as they were also thrashed.

Once again I’m starting the week right here on the blog, picking LSU -3.5 over Mississippi State for 10 points to win 9.09. See Facebook and Twitter for more picks this weekend.

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