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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 Eagles Game-by-Game Prediction

It’s that time of year when everybody goes down the Eagles schedule and picks “wins” and “losses.” It’s generally a fruitless exercise forgotten shortly after kickoff for Week 1. I don’t think I’ve ever actually done it on the blog, but I figured I’d give it a shot this year.

Obviously, the below are not official picks on the individual games. Part of what is taken into account in this exercise is the “ebb and flow” of a season. For example, I think the Eagles could lose either of the first two weeks at St. Louis and Atlanta. But I don’t think they will start out 0-2 (though I’m not convinced of that). Hence my giving them a win at the Cardinals followed by a loss at the Falcons. If they lose the opener, I think they win in Atlanta. Plus, there’s the annual “choke” (in the regular season) that is impossible to really predict. I’m going with the ever popular home opener against the Giants as the game they should win but lose selection for the year.

All of that said, I feel good about the 11-5 record that I came out with below. That means I would go with the “over” for the total number of wins on the season for the Eagles, which I’m surprised to see listed as 10.5 at the place I use to check such things. That’s not an official pick as the “juice” is too high, but check my Thursday post(s). I’m a bit tempted. I really thought that number would be around 12.

For what it’s worth, here’s my game-by-game breakdown of wins and losses:

Week #1 Sunday, Sep 11: @ St. Louis 1:00 PM FOX – W

Week #2 Sunday, Sep 18: @ Atlanta 8:20 PM NBC – L

Week #3 Sunday, Sep 25: vs. New York 1:00 PM FOX – L

Week #4 Sunday, Oct 2: vs. San Francisco 1:00 PM FOX – W

Week #5 Sunday, Oct 9: @ Buffalo 1:00 PM FOX – W

Week #6 Sunday, Oct 16: @ Washington 1:00 PM FOX – W

Week #7 BYE WEEK

Week #8 Sunday, Oct 30: vs. Dallas 8:20 PM NBC  – W

Week #9 Monday, Nov 7: vs. Chicago 8:30 PM ESPN – W

Week #10 Sunday, Nov 13: vs. Arizona 1:00 PM FOX – L

Week #11 Sunday, Nov 20: @ New York 8:20 PM NBC – W

Week #12 Sunday, Nov 27: vs. New England 4:15 PM CBS – L

Week #13 Thursday, Dec 1: @ Seattle 8:20 PM NFL – W

Week #14 Sunday, Dec 11: @ Miami 1:00 PM FOX – W

Week #15 Sunday, Dec 18: vs. New York Jets 4:15 PM CBS – W

Week #16 Saturday, Dec 24: @ Dallas 4:15 PM FOX – L

Week #17 Sunday, January 1: vs. Washington 1:00 PM FOX – W

If you think you can do better, check out the Ink on Facebook or leave a comment to post your predictions. (Let’s face it, giving them on Twitter would just be a pain.)

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