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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vince Young Talking Way Too Much for a Backup

Someone needs to remind Vince Young that backup quarterbacks are best when they are seen wearing a baseball cap and holding a clipboard – and not heard making comments that fire up the opponent.

In other words: Shut up, Vince.

It’s bad enough he is the guy who put the “Dream Team” moniker on this year’s Eagles team. Now he’s defending the comment – and looking like an idiot in the process.

Despite a headline suggesting otherwise, a story, Eagles backup Young downplays 'dream team' comment, quotes Young as reiterating the dumbest comment of the NFL preseason.

“Basically, what I meant is we really do have a talented bunch of guys,” Young said. “And I really feel if we continue to keep working and take care of our responsibilities and finish like we want to finish as a team, we can be where we want to be at.

“That’s how the Miami Heat was. Those guys ended up there in the NBA Finals. It’s all about getting your chemistry right and playing together and taking steps to be where you want to be at.”

I’m not sure how comparing the Eagles to the Heat “downplays” the original comment. Besides that, Young apparently missed the end of the NBA Finals. The so-called “Dream Team” of the NBA lost in the championship series. I’m guessing Young wasn’t suggesting that the Eagles will not win the Super Bowl. I would actually agree with him there, but, again, I don’t think that’s what he was going for.

The story I can link to was by Paul Domowitch of the Daily News, which doesn’t make Young sound too bad compared to Jeff McLane’s story in the Inquirer. (Sorry, no link since I don’t pay to read the paper in print and online. Brilliant marketing by the Philadelphia newspapers, by the way.) Maybe Domowitch was being nice, trying to spare Young even more embarrassment from his own words. But the backup quarterback apparently kept going with his defense of the “Dream Team” remark, according to the Inquirer.

“That’s just how I feel,” Young said when he was asked if he regretted making the statement. “I don’t care what nobody else says, that’s how I feel about the guys here. . . . You can’t tell me not what to say.”

If anyone wasn’t concerned about Young having to play if Mike Vick gets hurt, these statements ought to change their mind. He sounds like an idiot. Besides his actual words, this is a guy who was jettisoned from his former team because he’s a head case. Now, he doesn’t know enough to just shut up and not call attention to himself.

Plus, he’s a backup. Since he opened his mouth the first time, the entire organization has been trying to put the nickname for the team to rest. Now the guy no Eagles fan wants to see take the field is keeping it going.

The first statement quoted by McLane might scare Eagles fans the most, or at least bring back bad memories. According to the story, Young said he had no regrets about the infamous “Dream Team” comment but added, “That’s pretty much how it goes with Vince Young. . . . My words always get taken out of context.”

I’m getting misty eyed.

The Eagles finally got rid of a quarterback who spent most of his time crying about being mistreated last year. They do not need an encore, especially from the guy carrying a clipboard.

Ironically, as the story pointed out, Young isn’t even playing well enough to be a lock as the backup quarterback. Mike Kafka has a completion percentage of .711 and a 99.9 passer rating in preseason compared to Young’s .615 and 46.6 in the same categories.

Originally, I liked the signing of Young as a backup. But it’s becoming pretty clear that his only contribution will be creating the “Dream Team” nickname opponents will use as extra motivation to bring their best against the Eagles every week. There’s nothing wrong with a little confidence or even having some swagger . . . as long as you’re the guy on the field backing it up. Since Young won’t be that guy, maybe it would be best if he wasn’t even in the locker room to deal with the mess he created.

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