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Friday, August 12, 2011

Glimpse of the Eagles

Remember when Roger Goodell was going to spare us from drek like last night called exhibition – I mean, “preseason” – football?

Honestly, I don’t think fans could get any type of feel for the Eagles from last night’s glorified practice against the Baltimore Ravens. I mostly noticed that the play calling near the goal line when the Eagles first team offense played (one series) was business as usual with the team under Andy Reid – pass, pass, pass. In the end, if this team fails again, that type of play calling will be what people will have to blame. To be fair, they did pound the ball with the running backs on a couple short-yardage plays.

Defensively, that Eagles got some pressure on Joe Flacco, and didn’t let the Ravens score a touchdown. But when the regular players get so little time, it’s impossible to tell what, if anything, that means.

The only thing that is worth questioning from last night is why the game was played at all. With no off-season training, I actually thought the regular players might get some extended playing time this preseason. Obviously, coaches don’t feel they need it despite players missing the entire off-season, making these practice games even more of a waste of time than we ever thought previously.

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