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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What’s the best Philadelphia sports blog?

At the risk of putting a poll question out there that doesn’t get any response, I thought I’d try something new for a Hump Day Distraction.

What’s the best Philadelphia sports blog?

a) The 700 Level
b) Beerleaguer
c) Crossing Broad
d) We Should be GMs
e) Where’s Weems?
f) Other

I’ve tried to list the “big boys” and a few others. Obviously, your comments are invited. I was going to set up a Blogger poll, but last time I checked they don’t last very long.

There’s no way for me to offer an opinion without those who write the other blogs scoffing at me, but screw it. Yes, I’ve asked for a link on all of the blogs listed and would take their traffic in a heartbeat. I’d also work for Comcast or CBS or whatever entity that wants the Ink. And readers will notice I haven’t added the Ink as a choice, so this isn’t some weak attempt to put myself in their category. Satisfied?

Honestly, I think the overall feel of “fan” blogs has been lost with many of the blogs being bought by bigger entities. The 700 Level and Beerleaguer (scroll way down) are owned by Comcast, and Crossing Broad is tied to Philly Sports Daily and I believe the writer is with CBS 3 in some form. So, the “fan with an interest in writing” aspect is lost. There was something fun about that in my opinion. It was fans really trying to have a voice. Now, a lot of them are just extensions of the outlets that own them.

I used to check 700 Level daily, and liked their opinion-based material. I never got why they reported news, and for a while it seemed to be written for a large circle of friends. We Should Be GMs is still good during baseball season. I don’t want to get into anything with Crossing Broad, but besides our stupid spat I just don’t like it. The writing style is just too consistently flip – or it was when I briefly read it. Where’s Weems? has some great quirky stuff, and I’ve just never gotten into Beerleaguer so I can’t comment.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?

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Josh Williams said...

700 level used to be great with their opinion stuff now they're too pc. barstool sports philly is probably the funniest but rarely talks about sports for a 'sports blog'. wheres weems is pretty good too and would get my vote for the best because they have the nice mix of sports news, funny stuff, and opinions. other smaller blogs that i just started reading are really good, too. i dont give a has some nice phils commentary and t-shirts and also and are pretty damn funny as well.

weshouldbegms said...

We Should Be GMs is the best. I'm a bit biased though.