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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Silver Linings in 1-2 Night in Philly

Whatever happened to picture-in-picture?

Last night the Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers, were all in action. That admittedly awkward order – considering the importance of the games – offers insight into where my channel flipping landed throughout the night. It would be more than reasonable to argue that my focus was completely in reverse order of what it should have been.

Bad, sports blogger! Bad!

To be fair, the Sixers playoff game started out as my primary target of the night, but they quickly dug a hole that they never showed signs of getting out of – at least none that I saw. At one point I heard their ridiculously low shooting percentage for the game, which ended up being 34.2 percent. They seem destined for a sweep at the hands of the Miami Heat in what will be a very disappointing end to this season.

Unfortunately, I watched the broadcast enough to see Charles Barkley take another gratuitous shot at Sixer fans. I’m really getting tired of the Round Mound of Sound. In TNT’s “Ask Charles” segment, Jrue Holiday asked how Barkley how he thought the Sixers were doing in their effort to turn things around. The Round Mound started his answer by telling Holiday not to worry about what the fans say, and then proceeded to say the team is stuck with a bad mix of players while still kissing the ass of Doug Collins. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with Collins. I’m just really sick of the national media trying to love him up while still taking shots at Philadelphia.

I have a question for Barkley. How come you never won a championship? Let me guess, it’s the Philadelphia fans’ fault.

I do have a positive spin on this series. First of all, I do think the young guys are getting a valuable taste of the playoffs. They’re also playing a team many still think is the best in the Eastern Conference. I stand by my thought that the Sixers could have competed with any other team in the East.

In another positive approach, the one win Philly that came last night was probably the most important to the hopes of having another parade in this town. The Flyers went on the road and recaptured home ice advantage in their series with the Buffalo Sabres.

Hockey novice that I am, I can’t get too excited about a supposed Stanley Cup contender that has already gone to their backup goaltender in Brian Boucher. In fact, I’ve even heard Michael Leighton could have gotten into the game before original playoff starter Sergei Bobrovsky.

C’mon, you have to be impressed that I knew all three names.

Finally, I’m going for the Mr. Positivity hat trick. Yes, the Phillies dropped their first extra-innings game of the season. But everybody’s favorite whipping boy, Joe Blanton, reminded anyone who was paying attention that he’s actually a solid third starter in a normal rotation. Blanton went a solid 7 innings and gave up just two runs. Any support from the bats would have given him a “W.”

This has been your positive outlook report of the day from the Ink. We’ll likely return to our regular blogging very soon.

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