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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rough Streak

I don’t think I’ve ever felt worse about a week of picks. If you follow me on Twitter, you saw the carnage. I finished 4-11-1 for -63.91 points. Worse, I need a minor miracle to avoid 0-3 in long-term picks for -80 points.

I actually started out with my biggest single game win ever in the NBA with the Heat for +22.73 points over the Sixers on Thursday, which basically went to +33.81 points when the Bulls pushed and made a parlay pick with the Heat into a single game pick. I even won a pick on the Lakers over the Hornets for +9.52 and the Celtics on the money line over the Knicks for +7.25 on Friday.

I already knew my two first round parlay picks and championship pick were in major trouble. The Spurs and Magic need two straight wins for the first parlay pick to survive, as well as the championship pick on San Antonio. Portland will need two straight wins to salvage the other parlay pick.

Ten straight losses ended the week, including three horrible parlay picks.

NBA Parlay - Heat -5 over Sixers, Bulls -4 over Pacers +9.09 points (Bulls pushed)
NBA - Heat -4.5 over Sixers +22.73 points

NBA Pick - Lakers -5 over Hornets +9.52 points
NBA Pick - Magic -1.5 over Hawks -5 points
NBA Pick - Celtics +145 over Knicks +7.25 points

NBA Pick - Bulls -4.5 over Pacers -10
NBA Pick - Spurs +110 over Grizzlies for -7.50 points

NBA Pick - Heat -6, Celtics -4.5, Lakers -5.5, -10 points
NBA Pick - Lakers -5.5 over Hornets for -10 points

MLB Pick - Phillies w/ Lee -1.5 over Diamondbacks w/ Kennedy -5 points

NBA Pick - Hawks +7 over Magic -10 points
NBA Pick - Pacers +9 over Bulls -10 points
NBA Pick - Hornets +10 over Lakers -10 points
NBA Parlay Pick: Hawks +7, Hornets +10, Pacers +9, -10 points

NBA Pick: Heat -10.5, Thunder -7, parlay -25 points

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