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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Recap of Tournament and College Hoops Season; NBA Playoffs Next Big Event

With the NCAA Tournament completed, it’s time to focus on baseball and NBA odds at various sites.

I actually had a rather non-descript week with my picks, going 4-3 for +7.08 points. But it was actually very disappointing on a personal level. I was shocked to learn last weekend that I was still in the running to finish in the money in the two Tournament pools I had entered, and still had a chance to win one. I’m not bragging; I thought I was DOA a few times. In both situations, I needed Kentucky to win on Saturday night in the Final Four. Unfortunately, it was all or nothing – I couldn’t finish in the money at all if they lost.

As everybody knows, Kentucky didn’t bother to show up in the first half and couldn’t quite recover. Even worse, a few years ago I figured out exactly where I was with respect to every “point” I had ever put into a pool, fantasy league, etc., since college. I even “guestimated” some of it, laying out the worst case scenario. If Kentucky had won, coupled with what I’ve been doing lately, I was finally playing with “house” points.

Needless to say, I’m still working on that goal. Luckily, for anyone that actually follows my picks, I’ve been playing with house points for a while. As a mini update, my picks stand at 68-59-1 for +147.86 for the calendar year, and 257-236-9 for +558.73 points all-time on the Ink. (Wow, that seems like a ton of picks already this year.)

For the Tournament, I finished with a very uninspiring 13-13 for +11.31 points. However, for the college basketball season, I went 42-33 for +108 points.

Again, the last seven days I finished 4-3 for +7.08 points. Here’s the breakdown:

Kentucky -2 over Connecticut -10 points
Butler -3 over VCU 9.09 points
Philllies w/ Lee -1.5 over Astros w/ Rodriguez +4.35 points

Parlay Pick: Phillies (Oswalt vs Astros, Norris) -230 & Yankees (Hughes vs Tigers, Scherzer) -5.00 points

Connecticut -3 over Butler +9.09 points

Braves w/Lowe +107 over Brewers w/Gallardo -5 points

Knicks +5 over Sixers +4.55 points

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