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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flyers, Sixers Facing Elimination with Different Meanings

I thought for sure I’d be writing some sort of wrap up of the 76ers season for today’s post when I took a break on Thursday. Instead, the Sixers extended their season with a surprising win against the Heat on Easter Sunday.

It wasn’t quite as memorable as the Eagles trading you-know-who on the same holiday last year, but the Sixers combined with the Flyers and Phillies for a Philly trifecta on Sunday. The most surprising part of it might have been that the Flyers were also playing to keep their season alive.

I’ll confess that it tickled me just a little bit to think the Sixers might be playing after the Flyers were looking for tee times. It’s not that I dislike the Fly-boys, but hearing their fans on sports talk radio sound as if they are pre-ordained to win the Stanley Cup every summer can be a tad annoying.

Last time I checked, the Cup hasn’t been hoisted by a Flyer since the ‘70s.

What’s happening with their goalie situation is laughable. Michael Leighton was put on the playoff roster as an insurance policy, and ended up starting Game 6. And all he did was prove why he was sent down to the minors this year – giving up 3 goals on 8 shots.

Tie a stuffed dummy to the goal posts and it can’t do a lot worse.

The Sixers potentially surviving longer than the Flyers is more about the calendar than performance – but not by much. And, despite those who are scoffing at the idea that one win against the Heat means anything, I think it does. The Heat are expected to win the Eastern Conference, and had a chance to close out the Sixers. They were even up by 6 with about 90 seconds left in the game, yet the Sixers pulled out the victory.

It’s certainly not parade-worthy, but it’s a potentially more positive ending to the season than the Flyers are facing.

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