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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bad Start with NBA Playoff Picks

With both NBA playoff parlay picks still in play, and at least one in serious doubt thanks to the Trailblazers being down 0-2 to the Mavericks, I had just a 5-3 record for -2.91 points last week. Picking the Phillies on the run line yesterday, meaning they had to win by 2, cost me my first losing week in terms of points in four weeks as they edged the Brewers, 4-3. Just so I’m not accused of ducking anything, my 50-point parlay pick is also in jeopardy with the Spurs and Lakers hoping just to be even at the end of Wednesday night. (I’m typing during the second half of the Spurs-Grizzlies game.)

In reality, the opening weekend of the playoffs is what brought the losing week. I was 2-3 for the week, but lost the bigger picks to end up at -15.90 points. Baseball actually salvaged the week, as I went 3-1 for +12.59 points.

Below is the entire breakdown of the last seven days. I left Wednesday night’s NBA games alone, figuring I had enough invested in the outcomes.

Enjoy the holiday week, whether you celebrate Easter or Passover. I’ll be taking a break from posting at least for the weekend, but follow me on Twitter for picks and other brilliance of 140 characters or less.

MLB Pick: Phillies w/ Lee -1.5 over Nationals w/ Zimmermann +5 points
MLB Parlay Pick: Phillies w/ Lee -156 over Nationals w/ Zimmermann and Yankees w/ Hughes -187 over Orioles w/ Arrieta +7.59 points

NBA Pick: Bulls -12 over Pacers -5 points
NBA Pick: Sixers +10.5 over Heat +4.55 points

NBA Pick: Spurs -6 over Grizzlies -10 points
NBA Pick: Celtics -6 over Knicks -10 points

MLB Pick: BlueJays w/ Romero +117 over RedSox w/ Matsuzaka -5 points
MLB Pick: Brewers w/ Marcum +108 over Phillies w/ Blanton +5.40 points
NBA Pick: Heat -9 over Sixers +4.55 points

MLB Pick: Phillies w/ Lee -1.5 over Brewers w/ Narveson -5 points

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