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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ali and Presley Exhibit Worth Seeing

I have something a little different for the weekly Hump Day Distractions post. I went to Doylestown on Sunday to see an exhibit of photographs of Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali at the Michener Art Museum. My dad was a fan of both, so I wanted to check it out. I’m far from a lover of the arts, but the exhibit was definitely worth the trip. The article I read about it mentioned a time the two icons had spent together when Ali was training in the mountains in Pennsylvania. The only disappointment was that the exhibit really had nothing to do with that.

There was one plague, I think, that mentioned it. They actually went to a club, and Elvis ran up on stage, did a couple songs, and bolted. It’s unimaginable these days, of course, that two stars of the magnitude of Presley and Ali could go anywhere in their prime without a single picture capturing the moment. In a way, it might make the story even better.

I can’t say the exhibit is a “must see,” but it made for a nice day. Learn more at the museum website,

Here’s a video about the exhibit:

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