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Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 NBA Playoff Picks for Round One and Finals Champions

I have already posted these picks on Twitter, but I decided that my official pick for the 2011 NBA Champion was worth a quick blog post. I’m also including my picks for the first round of each playoff series. I split them into two parlay picks because, at least where I check odds, there would be a maximum of five teams in a parlay. The other reason I used parlay picks is that the extreme odds in most series make it too difficult to get value in picking individual series. Except for the Trailblazers and to some degree the Thunder, the odds on the other teams I think will win in the opening round of the playoffs would force me to risk ridiculous amounts of points to win a worthwhile amount.

Here are my picks:

NBA Championship Pick: Spurs +700 for 20 points to win 140

NBA Playoff Series Parlay Pick: Bulls -3500, Magic -600, Celtics -400, Spurs -400, Lakers -2200, for 50 points to win 48.01

NBA Playoff Series Parlay Pick no. 2: Heat -2000, Trailblazers +180, Thunder -220, for 10 points to win 32.76

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