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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tournament Championship Pick Goes Down

I was a bit surprised today to learn that a company monitoring software package had categorized my blog as a “gambling” website. I realize it’s a bit ironic to make the assertion that such a categorization is off base on the day I do my weekly review of picks, but I’ll stand by the assertion. Fortunately, the software company was very responsive and changed the categorization for the this blog to sports. However, I will be checking older posts and writing some type of introductory post for my picks.

For now, I just want to say that this is certainly not a gambling site, and I do not endorse any illegal activity. I offer picks for entertainment purposes only.

Speaking of those picks, I would say I had a “successful” week – though the quotes are definitely in order. I went 6-3 for +5.40 points, however, one game counted for two losses and the loss of a huge opportunity.

At the beginning of the NCAA Tournament, I picked Kansas to win the whole thing at +450 for 25 points to win +112.50. I’ll be honest enough to say that when Duke went down, I thought Kansas had a “walk” to the title. Of course, I’m just a fan. I’m allowed to get cocky. I don’t have to go play the game.

The Kansas players weren’t allowed to get cocky. They did have to go play the game. Unfortunately, they lost to VCU as an 11.5 point favorite and cost me those 25 points, plus another 15 on a pick on that game.

Luckily, the rest of the Tournament continued to be good for my picks. All of them were in the tournament this week. Here’s the breakdown:

Florida -2.5 over BYU +9.09 points
Connecticut +1 over SDST +9.09 points

UNC -4 over Marquette +9.52 points
Kansas -10.5 over Richmond +9.52 points

Florida -4 over Butler -10 points
Arizona +2.5 over Connecticut +9.09 points

Kansas -11.5 over VCU -15 points
Kentucky -1.5 over UNC +9.09 points

Kansas +450 to win championship -25 points

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