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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play “Streak for the Cash” with the Ink’s Group

I’ve decided to try something new to get readers of the Ink a bit more interactive. Despite my occasional criticism of ESPN, it’s pretty hard if not impossible to ignore the self-described worldwide leader in sports.

I have played “Streak for the Cash” on for a while now. My oldest brother got me into it. For the uninitiated, it’s a free monthly game where players pick games or prop-like choices that the site offers every day. The longest streak of the month wins actual cash each month. There’s a bonus if you meet the “Streak Threshold,” designated each month by the website. There is also a smaller prize for the most wins in a month. See the official details here.

With the Phillies season and a new month starting tomorrow, I created a group for the Ink: InkStreaks. (I re-started the group after creating a profile for the Ink on on 8/10.) All readers of the Ink (or non-readers) are invited to join the group. It’s a fun, free way to add a little more excitement to a game. You can play for a month, blow it off for six, and come back to it, or whatever. Join our group to hopefully follow a few people you might know or get to know.

Just to be 100% clear: Ink Streaks is just a group intended to allow readers of this blog to have some fun. The blog is in no way affiliated with the game, ESPN, or any other entity tied to “Streak for the Cash.” All of the rules and conditions of the game spelled out on ESPN’s website apply.

Also, there is no prize for winning the contest within the “Ink Streaks” group each month, beyond the right to talk a little smack on the blog. Creating this group is an attempt to give the Rob Q. Ink name a small push into the public eye, and, again, for readers to have some fun. If it goes well, it will become a part of the blog.

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