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Monday, March 28, 2011

Phillies Sign Another Second Baseman

Just days from starting their season, the Phillies have signed second baseman Kevin Frandsen.

This is the second player they have signed in the last two weeks as an attempted replacement for Chase Utley, who will begin the season this Friday on the DL. It seems pretty clear by the late addition of Frandsen that Luis Castillo’s no-show on his first day with the Phillies hasn’t been the only unimpressive thing about him.

Frandsen’s career suggests he may be serviceable. In only 228 games over five seasons he’s hit .243. But he’s only played in 78 games the last three seasons after playing 109 in ’07. Not the best sign.

Of course, the real story is Utley, who reportedly said he hoped to be back before the All-Star Game. Again, not the best sign. At this point, as others have already said, fans have to wonder if we’ve already seen the best of Utley.

I don’t mean to suggest the season is doomed. But we sure are a long way from the day Cliff Lee was signed.

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