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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tough Week of Picks

It was another rough week of picks without a doubt. I went a putrid 3-6 for the win-loss record, but only lost 5.40 points. I couldn’t hit anything in college basketball, going 1-5, only salvaging the points with a winning pick on Syracuse on the money line over Villanova. I actually went 2-1 in the NBA.

The week started off with a split in the NBA last Thursday night with a win on the Mavericks -1.5 over the Suns and a loss with the Spurs +1.5 over the Bulls. I capped off the week last night with a win on the Lakers -2.5 over Portland.

If I had only stayed in the NBA, I might have been ok. But with the All-Star Game last weekend, I turned heavily to college hoops.

After taking a break on Friday night, I lost with Georgetown -8.5 over South Florida on Saturday. Notre Dame +4 also fell well short against West Virginia. On Sunday, Ohio State lost in a pick ‘em game at Purdue.

On Monday, I finally won with a money line pick on Syracuse on the money line at +155 versus Villanova. This was my only 10-point pick of the week, and it was worth 15.50 points. All of the other picks were for 5 points.

Last night Georgetown -6.5 over Cincinnati and Notre Dame -4.5 over Providence both let me down.

Remember, we’re just having fun here. Follow me on Twitter throughout the week for my picks.

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