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Monday, February 14, 2011

Tiger Woods Fined For Spitting

As if the arrogance that surrounded golf wasn’t apparent enough, the European Tour has fined Tiger Woods for spitting.

To be clear, Woods didn’t spit on or at someone. He was outdoors. On grass. With no one near him.

If this was a ploy by the sport to keep the one golfer anyone gives a damn about in the news – and therefore this ridiculous non-sport – it would be genius. But everybody knows better.

It’s merely a pompous display that reminds everyone of the snooty, prejudiced roots of golf. They’re above the commoner who plays a sport like baseball and they want to remind everybody of it. These people still think playing their boring game is a privilege, and they’re willing to slap their meal ticket to prove it. Even worse, Woods apologized for the loogie.

Golf is a joke, and it shouldn’t be anywhere near sports coverage, but it gets rammed down our throats by the yuppies who run networks and would do anything to stroll the fairway at Augusta.

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