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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reviewing Picks for the Week and Gearing up for March Madness

With the Super Bowl in the rearview mirror, it’s that time of year when a lot of sports fans are checking out the NCAA Basketball Odds found at various places.

I’ve already reviewed the Super Bowl and my football season, so we’ll just move forward from the 100-point drop on Sunday. If not for Villanova’s total collapse last night, college hoops would have had me on a very nice start on the road to recovery. In fact, a 4-2 win/loss record for the week, 4-1 in college basketball, would have been just fine any other week.

I started off with Kansas, who looks poised to make a run at the Final Four, easily covering a 6-point spread over Nebraska on Saturday. Ironically, Pittsburgh got me back on track after Sunday by beating West Virginia on Monday night for the cover of just a 1-point spread. Then I was looking real good just before 10 o’clock last night. Georgetown didn’t even need the 4.5 points they were getting in Syracuse, having already won outright. North Carolina was getting 10 points and looked like they had the upset in the bag at halftime at Duke, and Villanova was easily covering 5.5 points at Rutgers with just minutes to play.

Then Villanova just fell apart and lost the game outright on a ridiculous 4-point play in the last second of the game. The Tar Heels also choked, but they stayed within the 10 points.

So, overall it was a terrible week with -86.80 points. But at 4-1 for +13.20 in college basketball (all picks were for 5 points to win 4.55), and 10-4 for +30.04 on the season, it’s a good time to be gearing up for March Madness.

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