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Friday, February 4, 2011

Rapid Fire Week-in-Review: Jackson, Herremans Show Class; Tweet of the Week; Flyers in First; Sixers in 7th; more

It’s been a week that saps your spirit if you’re an Eagles fan, but the Rapid Fire Week-in-Review goes on:

• Kudos to DeSean Jackson and Todd Herremans for appearing on The View to show support to Nadin Khoury, a local 13-year-old boy who had been beaten up by other kids. (Injured player Jamaal Jackson also appeared.) DeSean Jackson was awesome with Khoury, making a point to sit with him and put his arm around him as he teared up.

Jackson also tweeted an anti-bullying website address, Certainly, he has more readers than the Ink, but I figured it can’t hurt to post it here.

I rip sports figures plenty, hopefully only when it’s justified, but I’m happy to also point out what they do on the positive side. It’s especially nice to see what Herremans and Jackson did this week when the frustration for many Eagles fans hit a boiling point.

• On the opposite side of the spectrum was Eddie House of the Miami Heat. After making the game-winning shot against Oklahoma City on Sunday – his only basket from the floor in the game – he ran down the floor either imitating a gorilla or suggesting that his privates are extremely large. With apologies to gorillas, if it wasn’t the former it should have been. Based on the intelligence he displayed, House is clearly on their level. Eddie, you hit one shot in the whole game and you were wide open because all the defenders were focused on the good players from your team. Get a clue.

• I guess the Sixers deserve some credit for winning two straight games after their ridiculous loss to Memphis last Friday night, although Denver and New Jersey aren’t exactly title contenders. The Sixers are actually in the seventh spot for the Eastern Conference playoffs entering tonight’s action having won 7 of 10.

• I’m trying to write something about the Flyers every week. They are the top team in the Eastern Conference, yet they apparently don’t have a clear number one goaltender. Again, hockey continues to baffle me.

• Tweet of the Week: It comes from Daily News Eagles beat writer Les Bowen shortly after the announcement that Jaun Castillo would be the Eagles defensive coordinator. “Amazing how many Eagles players just aren’t near the phone or able to respond to texts tonight. Darn my luck! Surely they want to weigh in.”

• Castillo actually likened himself to Rocky yesterday afternoon in an interview with Mike Missanelli. It’s just never a good sign when new coaches, or in this case a newly promoted coach, try to ingratiate themselves to the city with this type of stuff. Somehow Missanelli never called his locally famous “violation” on Castillo.

• If you’re looking for some hope for Philadelphia sports (besides the Flyers), just remember that the Phillies released their schedule this week. I don’t get excited by pitchers and catchers reporting, but I’ll certainly take Opening Day. It’s April 1, and unlike being an Eagles fan, it’s not an April Fool’s Day prank to think it will be the start of a championship season.

• If you just can’t bring yourself to root for a football team outside the city but can’t give up the pigskin,there’s some good news. The Philadelphia Soul are back in action next month. Jon Bon Jovi may be gone, but Ron Jaworski is still involved as the majority owner of the Arena Football League team. Only in Philadelphia is the best football mind in the city in the AFL!

• According to, “Fox is charging up to $3 million for 30-second ads during Sunday’s Super Bowl and between $100,000 and $2 million for spots before or after the game. Thus, CNBC’s estimating the network should bring in more than $300 million. It could be the biggest advertising event ever.” Let’s do some extrapolating: Networks pay the NFL huge fees to air their games precisely because of the advertising fees they can charge. The NFL Network already exists, and presumably doesn’t have to pay anything to air the games except for the costs of producing the game. See where I’m going? Does anyone think the NFL won’t be airing the majority of its own games, including the Super Bowl, in the near future? Yeah, locking out the players makes a ton of sense.

• Another Wing Bowl has come and gone. Here’s my annual reminder that this “event” was started because the Eagles were/are never in the Super Bowl. Somehow the logic was to have something to focus on besides . . . uh, the Super Bowl and the fact that the Eagles never win it. Luckily, the current ownership doesn’t think fans will be easily distracted and support the team no matter what. Oh . . . wait . . .

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