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Friday, February 11, 2011

Rapid Fire Week-in-Review: Cup or Bust? Leave Blanton Alone, Sloan Never Won Either, more

February is always one of the dullest sports months of the year, but the Rapid Fire Week-in-Review must go on:

• I heard some chatter about “Stanley Cup or Bust” for the Flyers this season. While I don’t get the concept that no one will ever give up their seats to the Eagles or the Flyers, the thought that it would happen to the Flyers seems especially nonsensical. The funny thing is that the Eagles and Flyers have the longer championship droughts than the Sixers (and obviously the Phillies), yet Flyers fans talk as though the “organization” is above reproach. I hope they win it all, but if they don’t nothing will really change.

• Can the local basketball teams please stop fouling people taking desperation 3-pointers at the end of regulation? Just weeks after the Sixers sent a game into overtime against Orlando by giving up a 4-point play and eventually losing, Villanova lost on the same type of play against Rutgers this week. Let the guy shoot! Why are the local players anywhere near these shooters?

• A 2-2 week for the Sixers wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible. After tonight against the Spurs, they have a seemingly easy schedule through February. I’d still love to see the front office pull something off at the trade deadline to really get some momentum going as far as fan interest, but I’m guessing that won’t happen.

• I’ve heard a couple snickers because Joe Blanton will be part of a press conference for the Phillies pitching rotation on Monday. I get that Blanton is the red headed step child of the four aces, but there’s really no other choice. My guess is Blanton wouldn’t even care, but leaving him out wasn’t an option.

• Jerry Sloan stepped down as the coach of the Utah Jazz after 20+ seasons, and ESPN was doing its best to turn it into a story about a legend retiring. The Jazz never one a single title and made the Finals once under Sloan. Longevity does not equal greatness.

• Wouldn’t you love to think a coach could never last 20+ seasons in Philadelphia without winning a title? Andy Reid will be entering his 13th season when the NFL decides to play football again. That should give Eagles fans nightmares.

• I have to admit it was very strange to hear that the Tennessee Titans hired their offensive line coach as their head coach. It’s not quite as bad as the eagles moving their offensive line coach to defensive coordinator, but I really didn’t think anyone would come close to it, especially this fast.

• Next time you hear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talk the league’s concern for players’ safety and health, remember that injured players must rehab on their own the second a lockout begins.

• We’ll all have moments during the coming labor disputes, but I don’t think there’s anything worse than when the agents chime in. Call it the anti-Tweet of the Week, coming from one of the most self-serving guy in the industry, Drew Rosenhaus, “I am 100% confident that the NFLPA has made good faith offers in an effort to get a deal done. Now’s the time for the owners to do the same!” Shut up, Drew.

• I heard the idea of eliminating the worst NBA team each season for the next 3 or 4 seasons floated in the media, I believe, by PTI. Spurred by the Cleveland Cavaliers 26-game losing streak, this is absolutely brilliant. It would increase the level of play and could decrease the number of games, as well as make for some of the most exciting regular seasons ever. Of course, it makes way too much sense to ever happen.

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