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Friday, February 18, 2011

Rapid Fire Week-in-Review: Banner says it all, Vick Avoids Oprah, Bizzinger Babbles, more

The second slowest weekend of the sports calendar is upon us, but the Rapid Fire Week-in-Review must go on.

• Yesterday, Les Bowen of the wrote, “[Joe] Banner tried to assert that the six-time Super Bowl champion Steelers, who have appeared in three of the last six Super Bowls and won two of them, really aren’t any more successful than the Eagles on balance, because they haven’t made the playoffs nine of the last 11 years, or been to five conference championship games in the last decade, the way the Eagles have.”

The level of stupidity is almost not worth addressing. Possibly nothing about the ludicrous comment is worth addressing except to point out, once again, that the current ownership of the Philadelphia Eagles has no real interest in winning nor any desire to win a Super Bowl. They continue to tell themselves they are among the most successful franchises in the league when in fact they have not experienced any success at all. The fact that this ownership still doesn’t grasp that the only measure of success in the NFL is winning a Super Bowl is ridiculous, and proves that they are simply not winners.

• Banner was actually only following up his stupidity when he said, “If we went or didn’t go in any particular direction [in free agency] it wouldn’t be because of the balance of the cap at that particular position.” Every year Eagles fans buy this garbage as a good thin. It’s not. All Banner did was reveal that the Eagles could have done more last season to sign better players and chose not to spend the money. And, by the way, they do it almost every damn season.

• After a 3-1 week, the Sixers have matched last year’s win total with a 27-29 record. They are currently 7th in the Eastern Conference, but I have to admit the potential playoff matchups don’t look promising.

• Michael Vick backed out of an interview with Oprah Winfrey, and I think it’s at least eyebrow raising. If he had simply turned down the request for an interview, there would be no issue. But this makes me wonder if he has something to hide. I doubt it, but this just makes me wonder.

• I stumbled across the truly sad story of William “Refrigerator” Perry, who actually ended his career as a Philadelphia Eagle. I don’t have any snappy comment on this one; I just think it was a good read.

• On the other end of the spectrum is the idiotic column by Buzz Bizzinger on the Daily Beast explaining that the NBA has lost popularity because there aren’t enough white superstars and we’re all racists. His logic equates to the “you’re in denial” argument – how do you prove you’re not? It’s a ridiculous argument. I actually watch the NBA, and even I get that the game is too slow and the season is too long. Last time I checked college basketball was doing just fine and the game certainly isn’t producing a lot of white stars. Hockey is virtually all white – I think there’s literally one black guy in the league – and the Flyers barely register a blip on the radar in this town until the playoffs.

• Chris Bosh returned to Toronto and blew kisses to a cheering crowd after the game. He later tried to say it was sarcastic, but my bet is he just misses being relevant.

• It would have been absurd for the St. Louis Cardinals to sign Albert Pujols to a 10-year contract. The guy is 31-years-old – even he can’t think he would be productive as a Major League Baseball player a decade from now. He’s just looking for a status symbol in the form of the biggest contract is baseball.

• Notre Dame announced a 3-game series with Temple . . . in football. They may as well have announced that they have given up all hopes of ever winning another national championship.

• Tweet of the Week: “Any chance genius Jeopardy supercomputer Watson can figure out for Nuggets how to actually trade Carmelo Anthony?” Eric Stangel, Head Writer of Late Show with David Letterman.

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