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Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Thoughts on a slow President’s Day

What else can you do on a sports blog the day after the weekend of the NBA All-Star Weekend but offer some random thoughts.

• I didn’t watch a minute of the All-Star Game or Weekend (at least not live), and I’m actually beginning to wonder how it became so irrelevant. I used to watch the entire weekend. There’s just not enough guys that “you never get to watch” that I care about watching, and the Dunk Contest is old news. What’s really left to do? Take the car away from Blake Griffin’s winning dunk, and it’s a nothing dunk. And Jason Bieber in a celebrity game? They need to fix this thing. (By the way, the two dunks on one turn was better anyway.)

• Villanova is just not good enough to make it to the Final Four this year. I’m a Wildcats fan, but I’m wondering when Jay Wright will start to feel a little heat. In fact, I grew up watching the Big 5, even went to the Palestra for years for the double- and triple-headers. But it really is beginning to feel like the whole idea of Philadelphia being a hub of college basketball is just something local people believe. Temple has had a resurgence but they’re not good enough, and LaSalle, Penn, and St. Joe, are just irrelevant.

• So, Jimmy Rollins made his annual prediction of how many games the Phillies would win – he said they’d win more than 100 games. I’d love to blow this off, but somehow even when Rollins isn’t playing well, the Phillies seem to be better with him in the lineup. If this stuff motivates the guys on the team, keep it coming Jimmy.

• On a similar note to the Villanova thought, everyone is talking about how great the Big East is this year. Yet are any of these teams a real threat to win the tournament?

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