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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Castillo Hire Only Raises Questions

Once again Andy Reid has decided to tell the world that he knows best. Those of us hoping that the hiring of a new defensive coordinator would finally bring a new voice to the Eagles organization are out of luck.

The hiring of longtime Eagles offensive line coach, Jaun Castillo, as their new defensive coordinator is beyond words. Stupid, laughable, absurd . . . they just don’t cut it.

It signals zero change in the way the Eagles do things, and Castillo is clearly no threat to Reid’s job.

I’m really not trying to make the Ink one negative post after the other, but this just doesn’t happen in the NFL. Only down at the NovaCare Complex does Reid have the cache to make what many have called an unprecedented move.

To hear or read media members talk about Castillo’s defensive philosophy and credentials feels like Bizarro World. He last coached defense for a high school team in Texas. Who cares? Is that really relevant? Maybe there’s just nothing else to do in this situation. Even I can’t just sit here and write a full length blog post repeating over and over again how stupid this is. It would be a waste of time.

That said, I turn on Comcast SportsNet after the news broke to get some analysis, and Ed Rendell is on Daily News Live. It completed my trip into Bizarro World when Jon Runyan appeared on the show to hail Castillo. Did the Eagles buy Comcast? It felt like propaganda to hear Runyan prattle on about how Castillo was always picking Jim Johnson’s brain to try to learn how to combat defenses as if that qualified Castillo for the job. It’s insane logic.

This is the NFL. Looking around the office, convincing yourselves that your offensive line coach can handle the defense based on your own in-house conversations is just ridiculous!

Someone on Facebook said to me that this move begs the question, why wasn’t Castillo promoted all these years with the team? In fact, all this move does is bring up questions.

Why wasn’t Castillo hired instead of Sean McDermott last year? Reid’s response that he didn’t do it until he was able to hire Howard Mudd as the offensive line coach so he didn’t detract from one position to improve another doesn’t make any sense.

The obvious question is, what qualities Castillo to run a defense? His time as linebacker at Texas A&I? No, that’s not supposed to read Texas A&M. And, oh by the way, the offensive line wasn’t exactly as asset for the Eagles last year.

Why wasn’t Jim Washburn elevated to defensive coordinator? He’s lauded as a brilliant defensive line coach, yet the offensive line coach is a better fit to run the defense?

If Castillo was a qualified candidate, why did it take three-and-a-half weeks to hire him?

Why wouldn’t the Eagles wait a few more days to at least interview one of the defensive coaches in the Super Bowl?

The biggest question, which may not be a question at all, is, doesn’t this make it abundantly clear that no one wants to come here? Think about it. A guy being considered for a defensive coordinator job in the NFL could come to Reid’s Bizarro World, or just wait one more year when other opportunities will be available. Clearly, the coaches around the league have spoken, and the latter was preferable.

Finally, where’s Jeff Lurie in all this? His team has looked like a joke since it bowed out of the playoffs almost a month ago. Unless I missed something, I don’t think he’s been heard from once. His silence tells me that the bottom line of the accounting books are fine and nothing else matters.

I really don’t mean to rip Castillo before he does anything as a coordinator. But hiring him just makes this team continue to look like they think they can do whatever they please, and as always it must be pointed out that they’ve never won anything.

I started this blog as a fan. I will likely continue to write about the Eagles because it makes the most sense from my location. But I really don’t do so as a fan any longer. I could deal with the constant disappointment every season, but I can no longer give my emotions to an organization that clearly doesn’t care about winning or doesn’t have the first clue about how to win a Super Bowl.

The biggest question of all that comes from Castillo’s hire, which is really just another straw on the camel’s back, may be: How can Philadelphia fans continue to tolerate what the Lurie / Reid regime is doing to the Eagles?

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