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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tasteless Onion Sports Bit Mocks Philadelphia Fans

It’s time for another Hump Day Distraction, and running video of the bit from last night’s episode of The Onion Sports Network on Comedy Central seems unavoidable. If you missed it, my apologies for bringing it to your attention. Everything else I found for the midweek post was rather weak, and I decided this was at least current.

The bit was all over Facebook and the other Philly sports blogs this morning. It’s about a little girl with cancer who gets to fulfill her dying wish . . . of booing David Wright.

Call me a prude if you must, but the clip goes over the line of good taste in my opinion. Mock Philly fans all you want, but if you can’t do it without using kids with cancer, get a job you don’t suck at.

Other thoughts are always welcomed in the comments section.

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