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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Preview of AFC and NFC Championship Picks

The parlay pick giveth, and the parlay taketh away.

I split the four NFL Divisional Playoff games last weekend, and even split the two 20 and 15-point picks, losing 5.36 points thanks to a heavy price on the Steelers -3 (20 points to win just 16). Ironically, I also won with the Jets +9 for 13.64, and lost with the Falcons -1.5 for 20 points and the Seahawks +10 for 15 points.

The Jets win was ironic because their outright win killed my week. I took the Steelers, Bears, and the Patriots, for a 50-point money line parlay pick. Obviously, picking the Jets +9 and the Pats to win I was playing with a little fire, and got burned.

On Monday I jumped in on some basketball with all of the games going on celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Picking three games, I managed to split. I lost with the Sixers -4.5 over the Bobcats in infuriating fashion after they blew a big lead and won by 4 in overtime. Then I pushed on the Celtics -3 over the Magic as Dwight Howard hit two meaningless free throws at the end of the game. Finally, Kansas -5 was an easy win over Baylor. All were for 5 points.

Counting the parlay as one pick, which is the worst case scenario, I went 4-4 but more importantly dropped 51.26 points. For the NFL season, I’ve struggled to a 42-44-1 record for -12.28 points. Hopefully, I can finish strong.

Originally, I picked the Chicago Bears to beat the Green Bay Packers in my playoff preview when the bracket on said they played in the divisional round if the Packers beat the Eagles. Well, I’m leaning towards a major flop in the NFC Championship Game. Aaron Rodgers is just playing too well to go against him.

In the AFC Championship Game, I am leaning toward Pittsburgh over the New York Jet. However, I need to know more about the Steelers injuries on the offensive line.

If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll likely post a link back to a post with my official picks this weekend.

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