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Monday, January 17, 2011

McDermott Fired; Replacement Will Tell a lot about Reid's Standing

In a surprising but much needed move, the Eagles fired defensive coordinator Sean McDermott during the weekend. They also fired their defensive line coach, Rory Segrest. (Let’s face it, 90% of Eagles never heard of Rory before.)

The real story that will come out of this is whether or not Andy Reid still has as much power as ever within the organization. Inquirer stories fully embraced the McDermott firing as a Reid decision even though the head coach claimed to want all of his coordinators back just last Monday. The firing was also announced with Reid on vacation.

While the media seems to want to debate the meaning of Reid supposedly lying again (as he seemingly did last year with Donovan McNabb), I wonder if he did. My hope as a fan would be that the decision was taken out of Reid’s hands.

The answer will come when McDermott’s replacement is named. This move means absolutely nothing if the Eagles don’t bring in a guy from outside of the organization that is recognizable.

Reports are that Dick Jauron is a leading candidate. In case you missed it, Jauron was brought in this season to “help” McDermott. How’d that work out? Reid is reportedly very comfortable with Jauron. He would be a non-move in my mind.

Someone on Facebook asked me what I thought of the other names being mentioned: Jim Mora, Jr., Bill Davis, Rob Ryan, and Mike Singletary. I’m not sure Singletary has really been mentioned anywhere else, but I have some quick thoughts.

I would take Ryan or Singletary because I believe it would be a departure from “business as usual” with the Eagles. That’s also why I don’t think either guy is coming to Philadelphia. They would each be a name who would lead to speculation that they were Reid’s replacement, and the Eagles brass won’t want any part of that.

Mora doesn’t have me doing cartwheels, but it’s a nudge in the right direction, meaning away from Reid. That’s really all I’m looking for with this move – some sign that the man who has wasted my 30s as an Eagles fan won’t be allowed to destroy the next decade of my life in that regard.

I don’t really know much about Davis at all, but from the statistics I’ve seen in the paper I would not be excited about him at all.

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