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Monday, January 3, 2011

About the Ink

Beginning my seventh calendar year of blogging – with a few changes along the way and one “sabbatical” between July ’07 and September ’08 – I thought it might be time be time to re-introduce myself and the blog.

My sports blog has always included an effort to combine my passion for the local teams as a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan with the ability to see beyond the emotion of fandom and a love of writing. I don’t look to “break” news, though recently social networking has allowed me to inch closer to connecting with information faster than ever. Instead, since Day 1, I’ve tried to offer a unique yet heartfelt response to what’s going on in the world of Philly sports and beyond.

That’s not to suggest I don’t offer original content. My Week-in-Review offers a quick hitting response to the stories that caught my attention in the previous seven days. I offer picks on games that I will put up against any of the shysters screaming into a video camera and telling viewers how brilliant they are as they sell their picks. I also do my best to keep tabs on the media.

Let’s face it, the guys on sports radio and the local television networks are a part of the sports landscape in Philadelphia. My comparisons between 610 WIP and 97.5 The Fanatic / 975 ESPN generally receive as many page views as any of my other posts. Reviewing all of the media, locally and nationally, is just one more thing that I believe makes Rob Q. Ink – A Philly Sports Blog a little different from the other blogs.

As 2010 came to a close, I waded into the pool of Twitter and Facebook. Readers can now follow us on both networks. It has expanded content on the Ink even more.

I’ve added a weekly look at something different from the sports world, usually a video, and Twitter helps me follow the personalities that make up our sports world without the filter of the media. In 2011, I’m hoping to add fan content to the Ink.

Bottom line, I’m not the guy always screaming “E-A-G-L-E-S” at the top of my lungs, but at the same time I can bring passion with the best of them. I’m a fan of the Eagles, Sixers, and Phillies . . . and I keep my eyes on the Flyers, especially around playoff time. But I do my best to bring a sense of professionalism to my writing. (After 40 years, I decided enough was enough of rooting for the Eagles. Here’s my post on the subject.)

A couple of years ago my sports posts frequently appeared in the Inquirer’s Blog Zone under “Philly Sports Review” and the current name. I actually had the opportunity to work as a freelance writer for the Inquirer, before spending several years working as an editor for a publisher. I even wrote a children’s book on Oscar De La Hoya some years ago.

My first sports post appeared on August 1, 2005, under the blog title “Beyond the Rants,” which eventually became “Philly Sports Review.” I started blogging book and movie reviews in December of the previous year as the “The Casual Critic” after my brother had read an article about some kid making thousands of dollars in affiliate sales. It was the beginning of a long, frustrating attempt to make something out of an affiliate website, which quickly became a .com that I shut down last year.

I combined my blogging efforts under Rob Q. Ink for various reasons, but soon enough it became clear that my sports posts were dominating. Hence, the original Rob Q. Ink received the subtitle “A Philly Sports Blog” in November of 2010.

I considered going back to “Philly Sports Review,” but I decided that the thing that makes my posts a little bit different is my views on the topic of the day. I don’t think readers are checking out the Ink for the news of the day. Hopefully, my passion and analysis is what will bring readers back.

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