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Friday, December 3, 2010

Week-in-Review: Protesting hits on Vick, Possible Signs of life for Sixers, More

I’m doing double duty today, reviewing the Eagles game earlier and, tonight, re-starting my weekly look back at the sports stories that caught my attention as a solo post.


• Sal Paolantonio is reporting tonight that the Eagles are considering a formal complaint about the hits Michael Vick is taking when he runs. Tim McManus offers details on the issue.

• I thought it was weak that Eagles fans and, from quotes I heard throughout the week, players were hoping Houston wide receiver Andre Johnson was suspended for Thursday’s game after getting into a fight on Sunday. If you’re that worried about one player, you shouldn’t be in the NFL. That said, the fact that there were no suspensions for an on-field fistfight makes Roger Goodell’s attempt to clean up player conduct off the field look ridiculous.

• Believe it or not the Sixers won two games in a row entering tonight. Could there be a ray of hope? I keep wondering if Eric Snow would be of better service as a backup point guard than a TV color analyst.

• The Cleveland Cavaliers players who were chatty with LeBron James before tip-off last night are gutless. And no, I didn’t watch a second of that non-event of James going back to Cleveland that ESPN hyped into their lead story of the night – another joke by the network.

• The Dallas Cowboys have a better record with Jon Kitna at quarterback than they did with Tony Romo. Figure it out. Romo is totally over rated.

• In the November 15 issue of Sports Illustrated bemoans the fact that TCU is a worthy BCS contender, but “the sport’s profit-hungry power brokers may keep the Horned Frogs from getting a titles shot.” Yet, in the next summary of the Table of Contents, the magazine they celebrated the Raiders and the Chiefs renewed “rivalry that’s good for their fans – and the NFL.” So, which is it – traditional rivalries or making room for new blood?

• Of course, Boise State doesn’t have to worry about it anymore this year after choking against Nevada. Unfortunately, this retweet from Erin Andrews (originating from ricknmoe1978 if I’m reading the retweet thing right) doesn’t hold up: “Dear BCS what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Last nite never happened -signed Boise St.”

• Tweet of the Week? Hall of Fame Washington Redskins running back John Riggins tweeted, “# 5 has the ability to make a bad play worse.” Enough said.

• The United Football League is actually sticking to its plan to charge NFL teams a transfer fee to sign their players now that the UFL season has ended. (I missed the UFL Bowl, did you?) The result – no players have signed.

• Alabama fired a part-time employee for playing “Take the Money and Run” by The Steve Miller Band and “Son of a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield. Auburn quarterback Cam Newton’s father, Cecil, is a pastor and allegedly sought $180,000 from Mississippi State while his son was being recruited. That’s great – keep protecting the pampered athlete and fire some part-time guy trying to make ends meet.

• The Denver Broncos are accused of taping the San Francisco 49ers practice prior to their game in London. Denver’s head coach, Josh McDaniels, was on the Patriots’ staff when they were accused of doing the same thing to the Rams before Super Bowl XXXVI. Yet, according to, the director of video operations is the one taking the fall so far. That’ll teach ‘em.

• Finally, I read that Daily News Sixers beat writer Phil Jasner had entered hospice. He is the best newspaper writer I ever read, and always cared about details like getting it right. Best wishes to him.

Update: Mr. Jasner has reportedly passed on tonight. I once e-mailed numerous Philadelphia sports journalists looking for their perspective on covering an ongoing story when the city was held captive by the Terrell Owens drama with the Eagles. Many responded, some did not. I thought it was unique that while Mr. Jasner didn’t feel comfortable responding for a blog, he took the time to tell me so in a reply instead of simply hitting “delete.”

I’ve already seen tweets tonight from Allen Iverson, John Calipari, and others mourning Mr. Jasner. Clearly, he made an impression that lasted on many. Condolences to his loved ones.

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